Responsible Quality Rovagnati

Our commitment

Rovagnati Responsible Quality is our Corporate Social Responsibility program.
An ambitious project through which we want to be promoters of sustainable development, focusing, as we’ve always done, on quality, people and environment.

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We begin with what we do best, the cured meats, to start a path of virtuous sustainability.

Our commitment is Tasty, Healthy and Fair.

The mission of Responsible Quality Rovagnati

It is through RQR that Rovagnati works to make sustainability the industry standard: It aims to continuously improving its tasty and healthy products characterized by Rovagnati quality, through production and supply chain activities with increasingly reduced social and environmental impact.

Since October 2016 this commitment has been taken on board in primis by every corporate unit, breeder, and distributor in order to measure expectations and priorities as well as double check data and information related to the most relevant contents and qualities of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



Rovagnati Responsible Quality (RQR) is a commitment to responsibly, in a tasty, healthy and fair way. Tasty, Healthy, and Fair does not only represent Rovagnati charcuterie, but the philosophy with which the company operates.


Result of tradition and continuous innovation, Rovagnati quality comes from the careful selection of meats and grows in their skillful transformation, a combination of taste and authenticity.

We value Italian charcuterie tradition, combining it with continuous research and technological innovation to satisfy the consumer's taste.


Thanks to its constant commitment to research and innovation, Rovagnati quality is also synonymous with food safety and nutritional value.

We work alongside our breeders to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards throughout the supply chain.


Rovagnati's attention embraces people, animals and the environment.
We promote the health and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.
Throughout the supply chain, we guarantee good breeding and animal welfare practices.
We reduce the pollution generated by our business
, implementing technologies to better safeguard the environment that surrounds us.