Roast Chicken Breast

Roast Chicken Breast

Rovagnati Lean Roast Chicken Breast is prepared using only whole breasts from Italian chickens. Significantly less grinding allows for an immediately noticeable improved taste and natural colour. The fat content of Lean Roast Chicken Breast is, on average, 1%. Available in 100g and 80g sizes. 

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and no nitrites.

The Snello free service line offers a wide range of quality charcuterie just as good as traditional cured meat but leaner and lighter, prepacked in convenient sealed trays in a controlled atmosphere. 

Listed in the AIC Guide*

*See the official Italian Coeliac Association (AIC) website for more information on coeliac disease and a gluten free diet:

Good to know...

Rovagnati Lean Roast Chicken Breast is a versatile product that is ideal any time of year. Fantastic in summer for preparing quick appetizers or cold and light first courses, it is also excellent during the rest of the year in tasty and original recipes. 

It is ideal for a balanced diet because it is prepared with Italian white meat and high-quality raw materials.

Good to know...

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy 412 kJ - 97 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
1,2 g
0,4 g
of which sugars
3,6 g
0,5 g
Proteins 18 g
Salt 1,8 g