Our goal is to protect what you eat

Prime quality cannot be achieved without a careful and rigorous meat selection process and quality checks throughout the production chain.

We are passionate about your health and wellness

ROVALAB is a cutting-edge chemical and bacteriological analysis lab where all the checks are carried out in strict compliance with the highest EU and international standards.

Our imperative is to ensure a superior standard

High quality is a vocation, a specific choice, a mindset, which we have always set as our priority.

We love caring for everything

...From meat and raw material sourcing to every aspect of production, packaging and distribution.

We believe in the value of our brand

...Because tasty and delicious food has always been our passion, and the excellence of Rovagnati branded products is renowned.

We guarantee professionalism and responsibility

Our brand is guarantee of our direct commitment to our consumers. There is no Rovagnati product without the Rovagnati brand.

Certified quality

Certifying our products and procedures is our permanent choice 


The BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety, is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), whose main goal is to reinforce and promote food safety throughout the supply chain. The objective of this standard is to guarantee food safety with specific quality standards.

USDA certification

USDA certification allows us to export food to the USA and requires strict controls by government inspectors. It is one of the most important standards in international food safety.


The IFS standard is aimed at promoting an effective selection of mass distribution certified food suppliers, based on their ability to supply safe products in compliance with contractual specifications and legal requirements.
Like the BRC-GSFS standard, it regards food safety recognized by the GFSI, which requires a product certification system in order to monitor and verify production methods and compliance with hygiene requirements throughout the distribution process, guaranteeing food safety.